Chameleon Liquid Eyeshadow

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【Chameleon powder】Special powder will reflect different colors according to different angles, so as to cast shadows that cannot be replicated, making your makeup more vivid and unique.

【Long-lasting&Waterproof】 Waterproof and sweatproof, no smudging, keep perfect makeup all day long, don't worry about becoming panda eyes.

【Multi Use】 It can be used for eye shadow, face, nails, etc. It can be used for multiple purposes in one box. It can also be applied to different makeup to make you radiant.

Silky Smooth and Glitter: Our chameleon eyeshadow has an ultra velvety consistency, and fine texture, is easy to color and does not produce a flying powder. 3d color effect in camouflage shades, the most show-stopping and awe-inspiring metallic eyeshadows, accentuates the layers of makeup.

Friendly to Beginner: The chameleon liquid eyeshadow is long-lasting wrinkle-free, has good color rendering, easy to fit on the eye, glides along the eyelid, has a smooth application, high concealer. Tips: Please do not blink your eyes immediately after use, wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry, and then last all-day wearing.

Long-lasting & Easy to Remove: Our glitter liquid eyeshadow can stay flawless and comfortable on the lids all day long. It is however not a waterproof shadow and wipes off pretty easily with just cleansing water or cleansing cream and some rubbing.

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