Floating Christmas decorations

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🎅🎄Create a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table with this vase filler kit🎄🎅

❣️Easy To Make: 

Step 1: Pour the dried beads into a cup or bowl

Step 2: Add some water

Step 3: Wait 4-6 h (no need to freeze)

Step 4: Add your favorite decorations

Floating Candle Vase Filler Christmas Table Centrepiece image 7

Top it off with a beautiful floating candle (we're giving you a Safer and Longer Lasting LED candle FOR FREE NOW) for a stunning decoration that will have your guests marveling.

LED smart candles are more environmentally friendlysafer and longer lasting than traditional candles.

You don't have to worry about it sinking into the water, everything is like a real candle but better than a real candle.

LED candle is smart, it will light up only when it meets water.

Today we giving LED candles for free to everyone who orders them, so place your order now.

❣️Whether it's a Christmas party or a fabulous dinner party, floating water beads are the perfect complement to any design feature in your home or party. 


❣️It is the same polymers that are used in baby diapers, so you know it's safe!100% Non-Toxic ✅Environment Friendly✅Biodegradable!

Simply add water to the beads and allow them to increase in size and then add all items to a vase or cup. The gel beads will grow up to 0.69in-0.79in after absorbing water

❣️Delicate trinkets:

Each kit includes water beads, pearls in various sizes and color, and artificial candy pieces allow you to fully use your imagination to create a beautiful & unique levitating decoration.

Set A:

Set B:

This is the most creative jewelry for the New Year 2023, so hurry up and place your order to amaze your friends and family! Buy more save more now!

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