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A clear, quick-dry sunscreen setting spray with broad-spectrum SPF 45 that easily reapplies over makeup and locks in your look for long-lasting wear with a natural finish. Perfect for busy days and nights, achieve a fresh, just-applied makeup look that lasts for up to 16 hours.


Enhance your makeup wear, control shine, and create the ultimate matte effect that will last all day

Lock in your matte look no matter where your agenda takes you - no melting, no fading, and all-day wear

This makeup finishing spray glides onto the skin for a lightw8 and breathable finish and lasts all thoursough the day with a soft, comfortable hold

This all-day makeup setting spray is formulated with at least 90% natural ingredients and is dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested for sensitive skin.

Main Ingredients

Moisturizing Makeup Setting Mist with Hemp Seed Extract and Blue Agave Extract for all-day moisturizing and makeup setting.
- Contains aloe vera water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins.
- For healthier looking skin that glows after hot yoga.
- Silicone-free, oil-free, green formula melts into skin.
- Suitable for all skin tones and types.
- Simply apply formula for one minute to fully absorb and stay energized for optimal results.


Customer Experience


I apply this after sunscreen and moisturizer and throughout my foundation, concealer and contour process. This helps my base stay on until i decide to take my makeup off.

Brenda A.

Make up never seems to stay on my face, it’s like a disappearing act. This setting spray is amazing! I have tried others with little to no success so my expectations started low and it quickly resolved my apprehensions. 


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  • Content30ml A bottle
  • Product Weight:50g
  • Size:8.8*2.8cm/3.46*1.1in(30ml)9.5*3.2cm/3.7*1.25in(50ml)

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