Retro Stainless Steel Bicycle Bell

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Definitely for your sleek road or mountain bike!

8 times higher in males, most bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas (75%), with dangers accountable to no-bell on the bike.

But what if yours look sexy & sound like an angel playing the glockenspiel?

Engineered for quality sound, you can control it a dynamic range to choose between a polite courtesy ring to a 90dB-headphones-penetrating ding! 

Minimal Bell will ring 3x longer than others!

This bell will be exceedingly effective in any environment AND will look sexy on your bike!

With its drool-worthy design, superb quality builds, and spectacular acoustics, the MinimalX Bell is your ultimate bike bell.

It’s one with both; a beautiful tone and a remarkable style.
Set out to be tailored for cyclists who don't like bells, it has a unique "invisible" design.
Maintain your minimalist style!
The light and strong 45g of inox steel alloy never compromise on your efficiency, and the small 30mm x 20.5mm size leaves plenty of empty space on your handlebar!


  • Invisible Design
  • Material: stainless steel + brass


Installation Process:

  1. See mounting holes
  2. insert and lock ring
  3. tight the Allen screw

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