ShowerFive Adjustable Shower Head

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Why is ShowerFive™ is the only shower head you'll need?

- Perfect pressure

- 5 different adjustable shower modes/scene

- Massage, Pulse, Mixed, Spray, Rainfall

- One-button to stop water

- Self-cleaning jet nozzles

- Easy installation

Perfect Pressure

Compared with ordinary showers, our ShowerFive™ Shower Head developed unique engineering and air-technology to provide the most powerful water flow even at low water pressure. 



5 Different Modes

Enjoy 5 different ways your shower can make you feel the best. Choose between Massage, Pulse, Mixed, Spray and Rainfall. Each mode will bring you the best shower experience you've every had. 



Stop Button

Now you can use one quick button to stop the water while you lather up. Then one quick button to easily rinse yourself off. No more wasted time spinning your faucet.



Self Cleaning Jet Nozzles

Includes 84 self-cleaning nozzles for maximum efficiency and pleasure. 


Easy Installation

Gather your ShowerFive™ and tools,  unscrew old shower head, clean treads, add Teflon tape to threads, screw the ShowerFive™ on, and enjoy. 


Size: 9cm*25cm

Material: ABS Plastic

Interface/Nozzle: 2cm(standard)

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