SmartWashr 2.0 Mini Washing Machine

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If you want to spin a wash anywhere, anytime & at any budget within 30 minutes — The SmartWashr is for you!

  • Washed within 30 minutes!
  • Don't waste WATER! Add water once, soap & that's it!
  • Easy to take with you on vacation or possibly other things. No complicated technical work!
  • Stains in clothing removed without effort!
  • Also available for such things as; dinnerware & kitchen tools!

    How To Use

    1.Fill your sink, barrel or tub with warm water. With this, you will experience the best results with the SmartWashr.

    2.Add the soap to add the wonderful aroma to your clothes. Only this way you'll experience SmartWashr at its best!

    3.Put your clothes and the SmartWashr in the bin filled with warm water. Make sure it all fits so the SmartWashr doesn't get stuck.

    4.Turn the SmartWashr on with the control panel, wait for 30 minutes and you're DONE! Have fun!

    Fast. Simple. Perfect.

    No matter what your closet looks like. The SmartWashr® is always there for you! With its recently updated, powerful 2.0 Technology, every wash is a success. In any circumstance, the SmartWashr® will be able to do its job.


  • Socks & underwear

  • T-shirts & shirts
  • Sports- & jogging wear
  • Pants & shorts 


    Is the SmartWashr waterproof?

    Yes, the SmartWashr is completely waterproof.

    Is it safe to use?

    Our powerful, waterproof construction makes it safe to use.

    Can I use the SmartWashr abroad?

    Yes, the SmartWashr is connected through a USB connection. So as long as you have a power strip you can use the SmartWashr!

    Can I use it at home?

    The SmartWashr is optimal for those who don't have a washer & dishwasher at home or can't afford it.

    What can you wash?

    Garments such as: socks, underwear, t-shirts, pants, shorts & on and on! Also, dishes can be washed with the SmartWashr!

    Do I need to be present?

    No, you do not need to be present when the SmartWashr is on. Just press the button on the control panel and let the SmartWashr do the work!

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