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Achieve dramatic, fluttery curls without the struggles of applying falsies using this Volumizing Lash Lift Mascara!

This mascara instantly adds 3X lash lift and volume. Leaves your eyes sparkling . Simply apply a few coats with the mascara brush for thick, natural-looking lashes. You no longer have to struggle with the time-consuming task of gluing mascara on every day or worrying about expensive lash extensions!

The mascara has a film-forming and buildable formulation which enables you to layer and lock your lashes in place without clumping. It also contains quick-drying and waterproof qualities that can keep your eyelash on top of its game all day long. You can now flutter your lashes with its stunning lifted curls and voluminous look without smudging even as you swim or cry a river!



  • SILICONE BRUSH HEAD:The precision-ordered brush catches every tiny lash and lash volume.  
  • QUICK-DRYING&NON-STICKY LIQUID TEXTURE:Fasting styling and long lasting hold.  
  •  THE DESIGN FOR QUANTITY CONTROL:Filtering the excess cream from the brush head.  


  • Long-Lasting Wear,waterproof and sweatproof
    Specially made with an exceptional film-forming and buildable consistency formulation. Allowing the formula to lock your eyelashes curls in place and be layered multiple times without unwanted clumpiness. Moreover, the mascara adopts a quick-drying quality which prevents it from smudging or smearing even if it got accidentally touched. It also does not flake and comes with an excellent waterproof performance that can withstand water, rain, sweat and such. Providing your lashes a protective film that can keep it beautifully curled, volumized and lifted at a sky-high length all day long. No more touch up needed or awkward smudging everywhere. 


  • Highly Portable
    Ccomes in one handy tube container that can be neatly stashed to your makeup kits, pouches, bags or even pockets. It does not take up too much space and is also lightweight which enables it to be carried with ease. Great for extending the length and flutter of your eyelashes anytime, anywhere with ease. Suitable when you're on vacation, business trip, hotels, apartments, and more possibilities.


  • Premium Formulation
    Made with high-quality, cruelty-free formula that promises to lengthen and volumized lashes in just a sweep. It contains nourishing ingredients so it won’t weaken or dry out the lashes. Furthermore, this dual effect mascara can be confidently applied daily without damaging or causing fall outs and irritations. 


  • Net content: 10.7g
  • Color:Black,Brown
  • Shelf year: 3 yrs



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