Womens colorful Flower Panties

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Fabric name: milk silk

  Waist(cm) Mid-length(cm) Hip circumference(cm)
4XL 64 28.5 69
5XL 68 29.5 74
6XL 72 30.5 79
10XL 76 32 83
11XL 80 32.5 88
12XL 84 34 93

Product Details


 Organic underwear absorbs your sweat, and the toxins you release from your body.



Perfect Choice

  • Gift idea for your female friends/mother/Grandma. The milk silk briefs are specially suitable for new mum. Make you more confident without muffin top. Also suitable for postpartum c-section and abdominal surgery recovery. Works well with dresses/ high waisted jeans, too. 

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