Zodiac Signs Necklaces

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Your zodiac sign special necklaces!

With your zodiac sign, three charming necklaces to wear alone or all together.

Complete your outfits with a piece of jewelry that identifies you, that truly says something about you.

What’s in the box?

Three Necklaces with your Sign

Wear them individually, with other jewelry, or all of them together. Three necklaces to mix and match to always be with you wherever you go

A cute card with your sign characteristics

You will receive the 3 necklaces with a cute note specific to your sign

Free subscription to your sign weekly horoscope newsletter

To know how the stars are going to influence you and the world are you, each week

Who we are

We believe that each person, each zodiac sign is unique and equally deserving of love.

We should embrace and celebrate our personal and zodiac sign differences.

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